What are the advantages

Why Choose Aluminium?

Flexible and versatile: suitable for all needs and architectural styles.

resistenteLightweight: one of the most important attributes is the lightness of aluminium.

Tough and Durable: when given a quality surface treatment, in accordance with the international standards of Qualicoat (lacquering), Qualanod (anodizing) or Qualideco (decorative), aluminium is resistant to all weather conditions and strong (but slight) - ideal for large structures, requiring no regular maintenance. It is an excellent option for those who want to spend little maintenance.

Innovative and affordable: without losing any of its features, aluminium composes several products (from the simplest to the most sophisticated) intended for all audiences.

Practical and effective: it is the best option for those who want to have an easy life.

Insurance: only an absolutely safe material can pack products so important to people's lives (food and medicines).seguro01

Thermal conductor acoustic insulation: provides a high thermal and acoustic comfort, with thermal rupture when combined with other materials.

Enhancer conscious and rational use of energy: either for heat or cooling of buildings.seguro01

Modern and beautiful: it is the material of our time. Even though already beautiful in its natural color, aluminium can be polished, anodized, painted or decorated either in traditional finishes or lacquered with wood effect or others for the renewal market.

Recycling champion: everything made of aluminium is infinitely recyclable.


aluminio reciclagem


100% recyclable

Everything around us has aluminium. Since the pots and windows, planes, trains, automobiles, bicycles, for mobile phones, computers and decorating products, DIY, garden, furniture, jewelry and fashion accessories, packaging, etc.

To respond to the constant technological and social challenges, architects and designers are constantly looking for new concepts for the development of their projects. And here aluminium, thanks to its unmatched features, plays a key role in projecting buildings sustained and integrated into the environmental concept.

The products produced with aluminium have a long service life, given its corrosion resistance. Being 100% recyclable, whenever we use aluminium we will contribute to reducing the amount of waste produced in the planet.

Thus, aluminium helps to:

Reduce the emission of greenhouse gases;
Save cooking gas;
More environmentally friendly buildings;
Increase food security.

And whenever we opt for aluminium we will contribute to a safer life and greater comfort.

Aluminium is, in fact, the sustainability metal. The more it is used, the more it helps preserve our planet for future generations!