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100% aluminum in favor
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Will soon be contacted by APAL to formalize the membership application. A Technical Committee APAL will assess the proposed membership and proposes approval for adhesion effect.

Campanha aluminio

"Aluminium 100% in favor"

APAL - Portuguese Aluminium Association launches a promotion campaign of the aluminium, with the signature "Aluminium 100% in favor".
The goal of this initiative is to enhance the use of aluminium in various areas of activity as well as promote the extrusion, anodizing, coating and decor industries that really contribute to the economy of our country.

"Aluminium 100% in favor" appeals to the conscience of everyone in order to adopt a material that has everything 100% in favor.


• Empowering entrepreneurs and professionals (especially architects, engineers, designers and applicators) for the adoption of aluminium in their activities, combining them with quality, design, innovation and versatility that aluminium provides.

• Sensitize the final consumer to purchase products in aluminium, demonstrating its many benefits.


Conditions of membership:

APAL members (fill out the form on this website)

Non-member (rate for membership: 100,00€):

Companies (fill out the form on this website)

Profissionals (fill out the form on this website)

Institutions (fill out the form on this website)

If you wish to become a member of APAL, please click here.

Benefits from joining the campaign:

• The use of the logo "Aluminium 100% in favor" in all communication: stationary, promotional materials, packaging, etc.).

• Free access to the actions developed within the campaign.

• Visibility on the campaign website, by listing members and providing links to the member’s website.

• While holding the logo "Aluminium 100% in favor" the member benefits from advertising campaigns and press office that will promote APAL in the media.

• The members will be tarred as a mark of national prestige.

• The members benefit from special discounts on other actions taken by APAL, outside the context of the campaign.

• The members will receive regular information via email on the progress of the campaign.